Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bak Kua Outting

mood: tired
song: joy (yuki)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. xD
We went Gurney after class and queued up to buy "BAK KUAs"!!
Its buy 1 free 1!! I you are buying 1kg and you'll get another 1kg for FREE!!
we reached there at 4pm..
The queue was extremely long =S
Introducing the members of the day!!
Ralph, Charles, Penny & JJ!!
me, Ralph & Charles
Charles & I
Charles, Ralph, me and Penny
OMG!! ITS HAZE!! MIST!! & FOG!!! *coughs*
after 5 hours.. we finally got the chance to step in the shop!!

boleh camwhore lagi.. xD
Ralph & Charles
Charles, Penny & me!

The Bak Kuas

This is my lala picture of the day.. xD
*OMG!! I love my eyes!! they just look abit like teh "hell girl's".. xD*

Thanks Charles for sending me this picture!!

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