Friday, January 16, 2009

Eyes infection

mood: sick
song: boys and girls (LM.C)

Ive been using Renu solution all this while.. Till my mum accidentally bought Complete for me..
I didnt know i would be allergic to it.. T^T
Till my eyes turn red, itchy, painful and it is also sensitive to lights..
Zeon took me to the doctor that night.. According to the doctor, my eyes were infected and im not allowed to wear contact lens for one week..

my eyes..

my medications.. xD

I swear that I'm not gonna use Complete solution ever again!!
quote of the day:
"Im almost blind, Thanks to Complete Saline and I didn't know it rhymes!".. lol

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youreye said...

The contact lens case is often a harbor for bacteria and as such, should be replaced regularly or cleaned. Cleaning of a lens case involves briefly placing the case in boiling water after having manually cleaned the case. If you have a spare pair of lenses in your medicine cabinet, try to replace the solution and clean the case every two weeks. You may purchase new cases for pennies and often your doctor will provide you with free, sterile new cases if you ask.

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