Friday, December 19, 2008

Oreo cheese cake

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song: leech (gazette)

We had our class at 8.30am.. after class we went for lunch, then straight to JJ's house to "bake" oreo cheese cake!!
We invited Small Bear to join us but he said that he need to help Big Bear to paint the house..
*haizz... Oh well.. we'll continue without him..*

When we were about to start, JJ realises that his cheese sudah expired!!!
OMG.. we are not gonna risk anyone's stomach.. xD
So we went to Sunshine farlim to get a new one..
When we were strolling around... Suddenly, we bump into Big Bear!!
Then we went pleading Big Bear to let go Small Bear just for today to help us with the cake..
Big Bear said that he didnt ask Small Bear to help but Small Bear sendiri want to kaypo...
then we kidnap Small Bear to JJ's house..

Philadelphia cheese & oreo

Small Bear working

JJ a.k.a Disable Bear melting the butter

me.. helping i guess =S
Im so lazy to list down the procedure of "baking oreo cheese cake"..
Basically, we just throw everything into the mixing bowl and mix it..


TADAAA!!!!!! the cake is ready!!

lol.. for the recipe please log on to


JJ Jason said...

where's the retard photo lar?

IMhissyH said...

tak ajak i pun....=D