Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me + Dad's Birthday

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Tomorrow is the day im turning 19.. and I'm getting older by one year...
From 18 to 19!!
I just cant accept the fact that I'm going to be 20 by next year!!
Twenty!! OMG.. The number "2" just made it sounded so old!
Anyways.. i got a surprise "mini party" from my besties in college..
I was really surprise! *thanks guys*
they got me a cake.. actually the cake is for two person.. Ketiak + me..
Well.. It's my day! so its mine! hahahaha
Happy Birthday to myself in advance!! *kss me*

They even got me a present.. a so called dildo with cooling and whitening effect..

It seems that I've been fated to share a cake with people during my birthday my whole life..
Pity me.. T^T
when i got home.. i gave my Toffee my "dildo".. and it seems that he loves it..
That night, Zeon came over with a cake!! OMG!!
Finally!! I got a cake for myself!!
No more sharing!! xD
And i didn't know that mum bought a cake for dad and i too!!
OMG!! 3 cakes all together this year!!
But in the end, i somehow shared both the cakes with my dad.. and i realise sharing a cake with my dad really makes me glad..
*muaks! Love ya Daddy*
Sharing is Caring!
forgive me for the ugly candle arrangements.. =P

It was really a fattening day.. T^T

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