Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winnie's wedding dinner

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Winnie is getting married and i was invited to attend her wedding dinner..
How can I ever miss such an important event of a good friend of mine!
She was my senior in high school. I've always treated her like my very own sister..
I went there with Zeon..


Met lotsa high school seniors that night..
Wei Mei was there too!!

a poster of their wedding picture that is suppose to be signed by the relatives and friends..

We were suppose to be in charge of getting the signature from all her friends and relatives.. but it seems that when the bride arrived, we ended up cam whoring with her..
Winnie looks really gorgeous that night..
i felt like stealing the bears.. =X

the dishes of the night

last but not least

I wanted to take lotsa pictures that night.. Unfortunately, my camera got low batt!!
most of the pictures are in Wei Mei's camera.. Will post them up as soon as i got it from her..

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Carol said...

wahh!! hey, the wedding dinner mia meals all almost the same wan.. hahaha.. only a couple of dishes different.. ahahhaa..