Friday, November 7, 2008


mood: random
song: unlimited (aikawa nanase)

I woke up at around 10am.. went for breakfast then to the pet shop to get cat food.. =.=
and guess wad??
I didnt noe that racoon can also be a house pet..

I cant resist seeing cute cubby rodents.. and mum got me a guinea pig!!
and its only RM20!!
Damn Cute la!!
And i named him Toffee!!

went back home around 12.. then went getting ready to go out with Carol at 3pm

me & Carolher STPM is next week.. but still can go lepak lagi.. lol
Anyway, all the best to the candidates of SPM&STPM!!


Carol said...

hahaha.. guinea pig!!! i wann!!!!! hahaha.. of course can lepak la.. so long din lepak d... hahaha...

Charles Key said...

U missed out "Spot the not"LOL...haha