Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random day in college

mood: random
song: the social riot machine (gazette)

today im having class from 2-3pm... and then a long break till 6.30pm for another class..
During the break, i went over to Prangin and Midlands with JJ and Ralph to help Ralph a.k.a Ketiak in searching present for his friend..

this is when "body switching" happens.. lol

we went for dinner before the 6.30 class...

During class....
i just realise that i see lotsa "STRIPES" these days.. @.@

After class, we teman Vicky for supper.. xD
we had Roti Salad.. it was my first time trying it.. and it tasted nice..

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millymin said...

Walao ehhh!!!
Ketiak pai khaa!~