Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photoshooting day

mood: moody
song: Joy (yuki)

It time for photo shooting!!
Our photographer came to my place at around 8am..
we waited for Hass to come then straight to the graveyard!!
I straight fell in love with the crosses there!!
They are really nice!
my picture turn out sorrow.. haiz.. and i wasn't really comfortable with the place YET..
never mind, there's always next time!!
Next stop, the Tan Jetty!!

I was shock to see the toilet.. This is my first time seeing such toilet..

aim at the hole.. and ur "businesses" will flow/drop straight to the sea... *YUCKS*Lets present our model, Hass!!!

after the whole photo shooting.. Charles suggested us to go for a ferry ride..
Hass and Charles

I went straight to get my shower as soon as i reaches home.. then K.O!!
It was a really nice outting!!
Thanks guys!!
Im looking forward for the next photo shooting session!!

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