Monday, October 20, 2008

Zeon's Mum's Birthday

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It was Zeon's Mum's Birthday!
May all your dreams comes true!

I went to Vintage Bulgaria for dinner with Zeon's family..
Its located near Tanjung Tokong and its in the same row as the 7 Eleven..

his mum & him *huggu*

nice ceiling huh?

We ordered
mushroom soup

chicken soup

The main course!!

Mine!! *the portion was really big & i cant finish it.. *
but it was nice

Kuki Salad *tasted real weird*
The Cakes
Black Forest
This is the cake that Zeon & I bought for his mum from Maxim..
Chocolate moist
it was a really filling day

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millymin said...

Looks so yummieee!!
I wantt!~
Hmmm.. where is it? you din state wan... and how much isit? isit expensive???