Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random post

mood: okay
song: perfect (simple plan)

Well i just finished my Finance paper today... Well, i only know 5 out of 8 questions.. hopefully, majority counts.. =D
Went for lunch with Big Mama at Manila's Place..
Her treat.. xD thanks Big Mama

mushroom soup & bun
Fish & chip
bbq chicken (mine!)
I'm having my last paper tomorrow which is Introduction to Economics.. i would have to burn the midnight oil for the last day.. xD
and then..
FREEDOM!! *for a few weeks.. *
and there comes the next semester..
and the cycle goes again...
but well.. i would have to squeeze in all my "AFTER FINAL's RESOLUTION" in two weeks..
hopefully i can manage to do it.. =.=
Well im going off now to study..
*signing off*

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Chuckie Cotton said...

dear arr...our next commencement is 17th NOV wor....1 month break tau?