Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New festival contact lenses

mood: nyappy
song: escapism (an cafe)

My Contact lens fever is back!!
I wanted to order the White Cat's Eye contact lens at first..
it is because its white & i have no other option... *desperate in other words*

white cat's eye
Then Zeon's friend is a dealer that sells the White Out Contact lens!!
I can hear the HALLELUJAH CHORUS!!
i cant resist buying only one pair of white lens and leave the red lens as my opportunity cost
*it seems that i did pay attention during Economic's lecture, now I've finally know how to apply it*
by the way, it is also because my Economic lecturer taught me well~
white out

So, finally I've made my decision to get both the White Out and Red Contact Lens!!
And I guess for the next ordering batch, i'll get the white cat's eye..

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