Friday, October 24, 2008


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song: dirty little secret (all american rejects)

Woke up at 7am.. went getting ready for Has's arrival.. Charles came over to my place to car pool together.. Has came at 8 sumting.. We were suppose to go hiking but it rained yesterday, so we change our plan to jogging..

Ehem.. But it seems that our "jogging" plan turned out to be a photography plan..

the big head style xD

the muka hamster style

group picture

we even did jumps... that's a really good work out that made us sweat a lot..

then we saw this cute heart shape plant
from left: Has, Charles & me

it was a fantastic day KSS-ing with my friends..
and thanks Charles for the pictures!
after that we went to Jamal for brunch..
we even went to our "dear" friend's house, Ralph a.k.a Ketiak too..
I need only one word to describe his house

signing off

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Charles Key said...

I belum update on this lagi....thx for the day.