Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beach Outing

mood: cheerful
song: anything but ordinary (avril lavinge)

woke up at 8 to finish all my house chores because my mum's threatens..
me: mummy, I'm going out with my friends to the beach this afternoon
mum: Don't you dare to think about it if you don't clean your room..

Haiz.. i finished cleaning at around 10.30.. I dropped by at Carol's house around noon..
her Roxy was really cute.. macam plushy..xD

came to my place around 1sumting.. went for lunch while waiting for Has to arrive..
We we suppose to go hiking at first till the laziness strikes upon us.. So, we headed straight to Teluk Bahang's beach.. xD
We went emo in the car through out the journey by singing Perfect from Simple plan..

Has and I

The beach..

Ehem..i saw a "PURE ANG MOH" playing by the shore..

The toilet.. OMG.. like wanna runtuh nia..

Our cameraman of the day..


our Kss-spot

reach for the sky!!

while Kss-ing we saw a whale .. Oppss.. i mean a mermaid by the shore.. we even took a video of her with Tata Young's song.. *It was Charles idea*

shadows of us..

Since we cant afford to go for Fish Spa, we did our Fish Spa on the beach..
But sadly, it seems like the fish is swimming away from our feet.. T^T

Next stop, Golden Sand Beach Resort.. we went relaxing there till Charles says he is hungry.. So we went for our early dinner at a stall right opposite the Golden Sand Beach Resort..we had NASICAMPUR!!
It was delicious and the price was reasonable..

they look like the hosts for the HO CHIAK TV programme

to Has, this is ikan emas (pisang emas)
to Charles, this is Jerung (terung)

We went back to the Golden Sand Resort straight after dinner to watch the sunset..
ehem.. one of the Kss picture i took..
It was quite early for the sunset .. so, my fellow friends got their splendid idea to walk on the beach from the Golden Sand Resort to Sunset Bistro.. O_o

we saw some sand castle on the way..

the journey of walking to the Sunset Bistro is really tiring but it was worth it because we were able to catch the sunset..
this is a few shots of them..
We even did jumps and took a few shots of it.. will post the picture as soon as i got it from Charles..
after the sunset, we went strolling at the Batu Feringgi 's nite market..
We headed back after that.. We sang the song Perfect by Simple Plan *again* all the way back..
I had a great day with both of them..
and we were looking forward for another outing..

I took my shower as soon as i reached home and went straight to bed..

Thanks to Has & Charles for the wonderful day..

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JJ Jason said...

Walao, u all so siok had fun enuf.
Has and Charles bukan Ho Chiak eh,
they are Tam Chiak eh.
Btw, that mermaid, OMG.