Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lantern Night

mood: tired
song: ruri no ame (alice nine)

Its lantern festival and i used to play lantern 10 years back.. xD
I have stopped playing lantern ever since my friend accidentally burned my whole"dragon shape" lantern" T^T
And today it really recalls me of that incident.. xD
But this year is the first year im celebrating the lantern festival with my collage mates a.k.a bloggers/ shouters..
We celebrated it a few days earlier because it seems that most of us cant make it on the weekends..

Ralph & Hass
life brief's candle

Our masterpiece

There goes the slide..

This doggy looks innocent isn't it?

But sadly it seem that Mr Ralph is "so lucky" to receive a present self made by it.. xD

We lighted the whole slide with candles!

Zeon & i

This is when Photography session starts

This is Charles.. It seems that he loves "SM-ing" himself

Its seems more like a campfire than lantern night
My BF was caught being gay.. =S
Here is a few pictures of my BF scandals..
Sad-nya.. Curang right in front of me with Mr Ralph..
=.= *goosebumps*

After having a long night kss-ing and burning lantern & candles.. we went for Lok Lok at Terenganu Road..

Ho Chiak! Ho Chiak!
*Mr Ralph drooling*

JJ posing with the amount of Lok Lok sticks he ate..

went home straight after supper.. damn tired... xD it was really fun.. and we hope to have another lantern night next year.. xD
I will upload our group photos right after Charles sent it to me..


Anonymous said...

ada lantern night lagi.....
syiok ah u

millymin said...

Kalatai lap tiok sai!~