Wednesday, September 24, 2008

JJ's butt got screwed!

mood: stressed
song: complicated (avril lavinge)

Yesterday, I woke up around 9am to get prepared for my class which starts at 11am..
I went checking my hand phone and i saw a message from JJ.

I was shocked!! OMG!! The day before was just his birthday.. and now *dot dot dot*
We went to visit him after class.. he was in the emergency room..
he was tired and kinda blur.. so we plan to visit him again the next day..

Today, i receive an sms from him about which ward/room/ floor he is STAYING not LIVING..

I went visiting him after class with Hass, Charles, Azzahir and Vicky.. We reached there at 4pm but we cant enter because the visiting hours is from 4.30-7.30pm.. so we waited.. While waiting, we saw Big Mama and Minny.. xD

Well, this is JJ's condition.. still can camwhore..
SWT!! =.=

his legs *faints*


His butt got screwed by 4 screws!!
I manage to control my eyes from wondering around the ward because i would not wanna see some obscene "stuff" that im not suppose to.. =S
Anyways, JJ you must get well soon!! xD

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millymin said...

JJ lari cahaya but din lari as bad as the prisoner uncle! LOL!~