Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Zeon!!

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Happy 19th Birthday Zeon!!

*the birthday boy!*

That night i went dinner with his family at a place called
"The Sire"

Its is a museum restaurant and the environment inside was nice..
here's a few of the picture that i took..

ignore the picture spoiler xDthe food that i ordered, Harmony Chicken!
it was ゼオン's birthday.. so, they even got a piece of cake for him.. xD
kiddo! xD

It was a really nice and classy place.. xD

ゼオン hope u liked the present that i bought for u.. =D


millymin said...

Aiyer! Zeon looks so ke ai on the first pix! Dah lah birthday growing older but at kawaii! LOL!~

By the way the restaurant looks really nice!!!~ And why on earth is the chicken like so BLACK!~ "yat phek yeh" lidat! LOL!~ Not enough flash ker or the chicken "chau hoay ta"!

millymin said...

Oh by the way, Happy Belated Birthday, Zeon!!!~

- Z e n o v i N o x i o u S - said...

hahaha thx xher for your present, it really helped alot for my guitar :D and thx for being with me all the time when i need you lol... and yea for following us to that restaurant or should i say uhhh good environment sight-seeing restaurant lol .. and the best part was one ANG MOH has the same bday with me on the opposite table lol .. :D neeeway thx alot lol ..

wei emily that chicken black black but damn nice k .. the steak can go up to rm100+ .. wad to do FINE DINING MA lol .. but overall i love that place lol :D

- Z e n o v i N o x i o u S - said...
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Anonymous said...

hey nice place...where 's the place