Monday, August 11, 2008

A "shitty" day

mood: frustrated
song: hey my friend (tommy heavenly7)

Went for class in the morning.. and then the next class was canceled due to the lecturer is on MC..
Azzahir invited me and Vicky to Kamdar to search for a bathrobe for his sketch..
we went over to the Kamdar at Burma Road..
Before we start searching, we ask the promoter.....
Azzahir: Excuse me. Do you sell any bathrobe here?
promoter 1 : Baatroob...??
Azzahir: yea. Bathrobe.
Promoter 1 : OH!!! ADA ADA!! You naik ke tingkat 3.. Baatroob ada kat sana..
Azzahir: Oh.. Okok.. Thanks alot..

So.. We went all the way up to the third floor to search for the bathrobe.. We we curious where is the bathrobe.. And Azzahir went to ask one of the promoter at the counter to confirm..
Azzahir: erm.. kat mana letak bathrobe?
Promoter 2: OHHH!! You terus pergi, then belok kanan..

When we followed the instructions that the promoter gave.. We ended up in BATHROOM instead of finding a BATHROBE!!
OMG!!! I seriously think that they really need to attend English class!!
After lunch, we headed straight back to the college..
then, after class Zeon came over to fetch me.. we went over to a new Japanese Restaurant to have a try..

The environment in the restaurant was really nice

Random picture of Zeon.. >w<

The mask that i wanted!! felt like smuggling it back home so much!!

while i was taking a picture of my food, an old waitress with a mole on her face came confronting me saying that im not ALLOWED to take pictures in the restaurant.
Meanwhile, the people at the table behind us was happily taking pictures but she din even say anything..
JEEZZ.. So unfair.. *swears*
anyway, i must cool down and not to make an old lady with a huge mole on her face to ruin my day just like that.. =.=

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