Saturday, August 16, 2008

Prom 2008

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Spark of The Night! Its PROM!!
Big Papa & Zeon is joining us for Prom this year.. xD
We reach there at around 7pm.. and everyone look really different on that night.. O_o
Our table number *lucky table*
People of Table no.3.. xD
The food has arrived!!

this fish was to fishythis mushroom was too spongythe Prawn was FABULOUS!! we ended up snatching the Nestum.. =.=

the dessert taste WEIRD.. *or was it me?*
Our table was so DAMN lucky!! we got table draw!!
JJ got a lucky draw of a leather wallet, Big Mama got a cordless phone & i got a dinner for two voucher at E&O..
*lucky huh?*

me smiling happily with Big Papa & Big Mamalets present the Prom King & Queen Of the Year 2008!!
the happy Prom King.. Smile till i can barely see his eyes... =Dthe Shout Out Family PictureLala pose during Prom =.=
it sounded so wrong... but well.. this picture is damn cuteFrom left: elaine, ME and JJ
Bachelors of the night..
Interested??!! Drop me a comment.. LOL
from left bottom: JJ, Edrick, Xue Liang, Ralph, Azzahir & Richard
the girls.. xD


Richard Ng said...

table 3, 3prizes.. rhymes!

millymin said...

whuaa!! FOUR prizes can!
(1) Table 3 (Table draw)
(2) JJ - POLO leather wallet
(3) MINE - Panasonic Cordless Phone
(4) Sherlyn - Buffet dinner for 2 @ E&O

Wheeeee!!!! So many!!!!

Anyway, why so little gambars wan?! Oni one formal and one LALA! Apala!!! I still have TITANIC and WEDDING photo! Hahahahahaahha

Anonymous said...

omg why didnt u wear a dress....u look so emolaa