Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Day

mood: tired
song: 88 (LM.C)

Its our national day today.. and most of the malls are having sales.. So, Zeon brought me to town to get my new lip ring.. *YAYS*
went loitering the whole building.. but i still cant find the one that i wanted.. Therefore we went back to Exotic.. sadly they do not have the lip ring that i wanted oso.. T^T
but the piercer said that i can search it in Prangin.. Haiz... wanted to camwhore with the piercer but sadly i forgot to bring my camera along.. *CILAKA!!!*
Back to Prangin, we finally found the lip ring that i wanted in this corner isolated.. however its not the black spiral one but well that will do for the time being..
i have to come back the next two months to search for my lip ring again *sigh*
Not to forget the McD Chocolate Sundae is only RM2!! And today is the last day! *Zeon belanja*

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Anonymous said...

lip ring...interesting