Tuesday, August 19, 2008


mood: random
song: JPN PRIDE (miyavi)

Woke up at 7am.. then mum dropped me to college for multimedia class.. after the class, Ralph fetch a group of us to KFC for brunch..
We went straight back to college after that & that is when boredom strikes..
The egg was given by Haz due to her cousin's wedding to us.. & we played with the egg instead of eating it.. =X
OPPS!! i mean we "Decorate" them with our "Creativity"

introducing Ah Beng!

from left: Lulu, Ah Beng & Hitler

LOL.. we didnt know we were that "creative".. we should actually take up design instead..

I mean "EGG DESIGN".. xD


millymin said...

waste food! Ish! But comel also laa...

Hass Here! said...

must be so bored hah...

Charles Key said...

Emily ar, yr sis lor, go main.,...LOL...

Sherlyn, I miss lulu....LOL