Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cute Face

mood: random
song: ruder (the gazette)

A random day in college while waiting for the next lecturer's lesson...
This was our Prom King Charles's idea.. xD taking a cute picture of us.. *ehem ehem*
We started with our solo picture..
now I actually understand why my mum used to call me big head *lolx*
me! Cute leh? *perasan*

JJ look so cute in this picture.. looks like Sugar nia =D

Ralph look very "hiao" *translation in English = horny =X
but cute oso la.. *coughs* like his Piko.. LOL
But most of all, we thanks Charles & his mistress for our CUTE PICTURES.. xD
to view Charles blog CLICK HERE
College life would be real lame & boring without them.. xD


JJzai said...

apa sugar pulak!
Let's snap more of this kind of photos!

Hass Here! said...

wei mana i? nak merajuk already....

Charles Key said...

Hass arr, u studying ma, we do it the next time k?