Friday, July 4, 2008

Youth Park

mood: tired
song: complicated (avril lavinge)

Woke up at 6.45am to get ready for hiking!!
Today is the real "Hiking Day"!!
Things to prepare:
1. water, 1 litre
2. "hong ewe" (minyak angin)
3. food
Sadly i just manage to bring two cans of 100 plus..xD
Therefore we, went to Youth Park to meet the rest of them..
Its been long since the last time I went for stamina is getting worse..
As usual, the hiking spirit started at 8.30am..
but mine didn't lasted long =.=
In the process of reaching the top, the feeling of dizziness , leg cramp & vomiting starts to appear..
with the motivation of the rest of them i manage to overcome it.. =D
After reaching the top, the cam whoring session started..

On the way coming down, big mama got stuck in between the rocks


Karate ?!

i will update the rest of the pictures after Charles sent it to me..
Stay Tune.. =D

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