Tuesday, July 1, 2008


mood: random
song: unlimited (aikawa nanase)

Today i finishes my class at 5pm.. went home with Big Mama.. when we reach home we were searching for a parking space near the housing area..
And we saw sticks/branches, flower pots, bricks, pail & etc on the council's road along the pavement right in front of the house ..
the usage of all those objects is to reserve and do not allow others to park at that place..
Hmmm... i thought that they only owns the house till their house gate.. the compound after their house is belongs to the city council (MPPP)..
It's as if they took out the "law" from their own pocket..
they even planted "an iron structure" on the road, as if the city council (MPPP) doesn't exist..
this is way too much!!

Now i feel like breaking the flower pots and their pails..

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