Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach Gotong-Royong 2008

mood: bored
song: gothic pink (tommy heavenly7)

Today is the day to be environmental friendly! Its "GOTONG ROYONG DAY!!"
i woke up at 6.30am.. and told my mum tat im going to clean up the beach.. then i kena tembak
Me: Mum, i going for gotong royong at the beach later..
Mum: Har?!! I can barely see u cleaning up your own room, and now u are going to clean the beach..
Me: . . . *speechless*

JJ came over at 7am to pick me up.. then we went McD for breakfast.
The face of "its been long since the last time having McD for breakfast"

Tiga sekawan!! lol
JJ, Azzahir & Vicky

so hardworking!!

*whips* Violence

the process of hiding the seashells

Breakfast by Paradise hotel!!

we had a volleyball and soccer match..
Vicky during the match.. *aisehh sempat pose lagi*

After the match we went playing with the sea water..
Vicky posing with his legs

JJ during the volleyball match..
kaki kena cucuk?!!

overall, i was nice but really tiring after the event..

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gotong royong....u...doing