Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Second day in cameron highlands

mood: random
song: 1979 (MUCC)

Second day in cameron highlands.. the breeze there is cold.. and i woke up at 4am.. cause i slept at 8pm last night. . *crazy huh?*
around 8.30am.. we went to the tea farm..
ive never actually really seen a tea tree before!
and here is a mountain of tea tree!

we went visiting the Boh Tea Centre..
damn nice and relaxing. .

we even tour around the tea factory

around 10am.. we went for our breakfast in the cafe. .

I got Strawberry cake!!
before leaving . . I remembered the task that Charles asked me to do..
Thank God, the Indian man was not aware.. or else i'll be put in jail for plucking tea leaves. .

next stop, was the market. .
A typical store full of Strawberries accessories
we bought some "typical cameron highlands" souvenirs back. .
I wanted to buy a pot of strawberry plant home.. but im afraid that it cant survive
its only Rm12our snack
i realize that this picture looks a bit obscene..

we went back to our apartment to rest after that. . it was a fun and tiring day. . xD


Chuckie Cotton said...

So touched la..I'm so gonna keep the tea leave forever until it becomes dust also I keep..hahaha

millymin said...

whua... you and wendy so syiok!! Got buy me Strawberry pillow or not???

JJ Jason said...

OMG lar this one.