Monday, June 2, 2008

Penang Hill

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song: hishoku no sora (mami kawada)

Today is "hiking" day.. went to Penang Hill with Hui Zhen, Elyn, Ralph & Charles. .Hiking in Penang Hill konon.. but going up to the hill top with the cable car. . woke up at 6.30am to get ready. . then Ralph came at 7 something.. *punctual-nya* it seems that we are so environment friendly.. all of us car pooled Ralph. . =D
We reach there around 8am.. we are suppose meet Haz.. but eventually, she cant wake up on time. =.=

Ralph "pro" *konon*

the pro with his nikon D60
after the hiking.. we went over to Prangin to had our lunch. .

the lunch was "NOT" worth it.. because its not filling =.=
and i will post up the group photo after Charles sent it to me. .

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Charles Key said...

haha, cool, I shud have posted some pix of the trek of the cable car, or maybe I do it later..hehe

remember my tea leaf...OMG...hahha..dun end up in jail ok..hahha