Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cameron highlands

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First Day

my parents finally decided where to spend their time during the school holidays. . and their destination is CAMERON HIGHLANDS!! =.= at first they planned to go KL. . but in the end they change their mind T^T
Cameron Highland wasn't a bad decision. .

We started our journey at 9.00am. . and reaches there around noon. .
it is DAMN cold till we have to turn off the car's air con..

see!! so misty!!
Our apartment
the living room
the room
did i mention that there is NO air con nor fan in this house?
it is because the "natural air conditioner"= the cold breeze

after settling down at the apartment, we stop by a farm full of plants..
*as usual*

next stop is the bee farm. .

nice flowers. .

lastly we stop by at the strawberry farm. .

red and freshly pluck strawberries

we went back to the apartment in the evening. .
it was so cold till my legs were freezing. . and the solution is, we use the hair dryer to warm our legs up. . xD

dad's work. .
this is because the main door do not have a padlock. .

will update about the second day. .

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millymin said...

whua!! Wendy holding a Hong Kong Kiok!! OMG!!

Btw, how did daddy do that?? So gaya!!

Hmmm... am launching my blog next Thursday: www.millymin.com