Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Souveniers from Australia

mood: bored
song: unlimited (aikawa nanase)

I went for managerial accounting class in the morning *as usual..* =.= and i just realise that my finals is next week!!!
I havent prepared anything yet!!
OMG!!! im so dead this time.. but well, im used to it anyways..
Ate "nasi lemak" and slept during English class in the afternoon *hehehehex*
After class, i wanted to follow Charles & the rest of my class mates to CTY ..
*Rombongan Sambil Belajar* lolx
Unfortunately, Zeon said that he got his essay to complete.. Therefore, i cant go in the end..
*no Charmaine for a day* T^T *cries*
i went over to Zeon's house to conquer his PC.. *nyahhahax*
Then i met Big Mama on msn!!
Wow.. and she actually bought us souveniers from Australia..
hmmm. . . i think she definately got "prawn behind the rock"
but anyway thanks Big Mama!!
Now i got to "berjimat-cermat" to save money to get her a birthday present. .
mine in pink.. why is it pink..


millymin said...

see I so good! Why you so bad?

Anonymous said...

okay..where is my gift?