Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another day in college. .

mood: random
song: pop star (ken hirai)

Another day in college... As usual, i attended managerial accounting in the morning... haiz.. *wake up early in the morning to see numbers... =.=
then went lunch with Vicky, Haz and JJ at KFC midlands

Came back to college for English Class... =.= .. saw Charles emo-ing
JJ and his new straightened hair

Ah Hier watches to many Russel Peters
WTF?! O.o

After class, we had our "rombongan sambil belajar ke PET SHOP".. therefore, Charles suggested to go CTY... So when Zeon came over we went there together with Gino and Haz...

yay!! got to visit "Charmaine"!! lolx

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