Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exam week

mood: random
song: zetsubou (mucc)

I was too busy revising till i have no time to update my blog.. and my exams is next week.. *sighs
but after exams. .*VIOLA!! im gonna burn midnight oil watching anime and admire Hisui-sama...
stay tune..


millymin said...

I thought your burning midnight oil to study but instead your burning midnight oil for watching anime... swt dot dot dot!~!

Charles Key said...

at first I thought u say u're burning midnight oil to watch anime now while preparing for exam..hahah

Yesterday I burn mid night oil study ok..:P:Puntil 11pm sleep d..LOL...mid night pun tak sampai...not enuf oil, cannot burn.hahah

Anonymous said...

good luck in your exams...