Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exam fever is finally over

mood: bored
song: hyena (the gazette)

wheee. . exams is finally over.. no more stress and last minute studies for 2weeks plus.. *sigh* but in next semester the whole "study cycle" would have to start again. . Today is my last day of exam.. my last paper was MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING! Damn!! i just screw up that paper.. *i should brought screwdriver to the exam hall instead of my stationeries*sigh* That would help me alot in screwing up my paper. .xD. . And Damn that invigilator, he dun allowed me to go to the toilet.. Thank god my bladder did not burst that time..
now lets think of the bright side i can now happily start with my "Non stop watching anime time" YEA!!!
D gray man & vampire knight! here i come!!

ps: Hisui-sama <3 xD

Later in the evening, I went dinner with Zeon at The four leaf cafe. .

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millymin said...

Hey ho! Who was the invigilator? BTW, why did you ask if my pictures were photoshop-ed?? They are not!