Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cute day. .

mood: random
song: ragan (kagerou)

woke up at 10am.. went watching cartoon.. then Calvin called me up, saying that he wanted have lunch together and so on..
haiz.. KONONNYA!!
after a few minutes..
he msg me and said "Hey sorryla i cant go out today. I need to go shopping with my sister"
PPK again...
niwey im used to it d... haiz
was so bored then i went down to feed all my "Neko-chans'' then i saw "kuai kuai shi shi's" kittens..

this is the kittens camouflaging by the door

damn cute!!

at noon i was so "kuai" then i went revising my Business Communication


in the evening Zeon took me out to the beach... planned to play with the sea water, sand and so on.. but mana tau.. the sea is so DAMN DIRTY...


ikan pun tak boleh tahan... =.=

first time seeing starfishes


millymin said...

eh.. which beach???

Sherlyn said...

behind crown price one la.. aiyoo... damn dirty..

jėss.T said...

u GOT to be kiddin me woman.

i saw the exact same fish all discoloured and disgusting last nite.

and in dat exact same place.

the very same one.

gosh. it has been thr since the 4th of may>>>???