Thursday, May 15, 2008

Charles's project

mood: random
song: Over (12012)

today is a random day.. i attended accounts class in the morning as usual... then plan to go KDU for lunch at first.. mana tau got change of plan, then we went to Gurney instead.. went Gurney "lepak-ing" halfway..
lolx.. it was actually Charles's "project" to faint in front of the public.. *LOA* *ahems* *coughs*
therefore, he did some rehearsal before fainting in front of the GSC..
Take 1 (beside celebrity fitness-near the toilet)

Take 2

In front of GSC!!
lotsa passer by was shock!! lolx.. Many people was staring... Then Charles suddenly woke up and walks normally again..

At night, met Charles on MSN.. and he drew me these:

A cat

Lion & Tiger

SWT MAN!! =.=

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9PEK9BO said...

Why not make it more real-looking.. pecah his camera and spread all over the floor....Like that, I sure believe one!

Charles's dad.