Monday, May 19, 2008

Big mama leaving for Australia

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The day had finally come.. and it is also Wesak Day!!
HAPPY WESAK DAY to all the Buddist.. And it is also the day that Big Mama is leaving Malaysia for Big Papa for a month!!.. xD
Big Mama's flight was at 8.15am but she had to check in by 7.30am.. Haiz.. because of that i have to wake up early at 6.30am.. *yawns*
haiz.. pity me.. i have to carry her huge luggage to the car early in the morning..
Big mama & her passport..

me & Big mama

to Big Mama: please remember to buy me Chocolates & Souveniers from australia k??

to Big Papa: Dont bully big mama k? abo i'll come after you.. take good care of her when she is in Australia.. xD *hehehehek

And last but not least, Im conquering her room for a month!! Nyahahahaha!! and all her stinky bolster got threw away by my mum because they were too stinky.. =S

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