Saturday, April 5, 2008

Haz birthday outting. .

mood: random
song: fantasy (alice nine)

went to Toby with Carol in the morning.. xD bought Ah Pui's food and a new injured hamster... i'll put it under my ICU".. xD it will soon be healthy and as fat as Ah Pui and the rest d.. xD

reach home.. went doing chores and took a short nap after that..
Zeon came over at 5pm.. went get ready..
Ralph and JJ came and fetch us at 6pm..
was really suprise with Ralph first time punctuality! xD

Soon we reach QB and went hunting for Haz's birthday present.. we went to Nice Day to get her a plushie.. GAWD.. the guys was playing and punching the plushie in Nice Day.. i was kind of sure that the promoters dun dare to stop them.. LOL

Zeon and Ralph

JJ and Ralph.. swt.. so old yet so childish.. =.=

went meeting Haz at Kenny Rogers..

Wow!! i met lotsa my seniors.. all oso cantik cantik belaka..

camwhoring time!!


JJ Jason said...

Wat The?
apa childlish larrrr!!!!

Xherlyn said...

Hahahahax.. not childish meh? lolx.. gonna be 19 d.. summore act like 9.. xD lolx. *runs away*

millymin said...

omg!!! itu Sub Zero mia pekerja(s)