Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another day. . .

mood: random
song: jpn pride (miyavi)

gotta wake up early for my managerial accounting class at 9.30am... haiz..
therefore, Zeon came at 7.55am, then we went to had our breakfast at pulau tikus.. xD
Ordered Char Koay Kak, and it is only RM2!! cheap man!! and its also nice.. xD
at noon we had presentation for our English 1... haiz... =.= while presenting our topics, there is this "lame dude" in our class keeps asking lame questions for the sake of getting extra marks...
The blogger's group.. xD hahahaha

JJ memang SWT.. xD
went back home after that.. was so exhausted after a whole day of lessons.. xD

1 comment:

Chuckie Cotton said...

hahah..Tht guy really damn lame ler..somemore now have the lala-ish style lagi..

selfish fella, hurt ppl to get tht marks, it's really unreasonable..swt..hahah