Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tiring day..

mood: random
song: yuzuriha (dolis mary)
Thanks to Wendy i got to woke up at 6.15am... she's been asking me to give her support on her sports day... because she will be taking part in 100x4 and 200x4 passing baton.. haiz... *sleepy
went to have our breakfast at the coffee shop.. then strainght to school.. xD
met Haz there.. she was there because of the same reason as me.. XD
Support our Younger Sisters!!
Wendy participated in marching for her RED HOUSE..
aiseh... aerobic.. xD

Haz and me
Wendy and Samantha

Fuiyoh!! Wendy is leading!!


later on.. i went home early to get ready for our outing today.. Carol came around 2 sumting and we waited for Sher Maine to finish her computer class .. we straight headed to QB after that.. as usual Carol's driving was reckless as ever.. =S nearly banged a lori... OMG!!! my heart stopped pumping for a few seconds that moment..

then we had our dinner in Japin.. xD kononnya their Korean restaurant but thats for Gurney.. whereas in QB its a Japanese restaurant.. ps: i was shock to see Carol's big appetite..xD


We went shopping after that.. then this is when kss started to happen! xD

Sher Maine was shy at first.. but slowly she is enjoying our routine.. lol..
It was real fun today... Really enjoyed it.. cant wait for our next outting.. xD

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