Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday. . .

mood: random
song: reila (gazette)

woke up at 9am. . went watching some cartoon on tv... then Zeon came at noon.. went to his house to maple... at night we went to Super Tanker in Lip Sin with his mum for dinner .. >w<
Yum!! Yum!!

after dinner we went to QB together to "lepak".. Zeon dropped me home.. xD
At night, Carol called me up.. We chatted for two hours! xD

Carol: Hey, i wanna ask u a question..
Sherlyn: Yea? wad?
Carol: do i look like anyone?
Sherlyn: Yea.. Ur school mate Fifi?
Carol: no. i mean any actress?
Sherlyn: . . . . *speechless*

OMG! i didnt know that she was so "THICK SKINNED"

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