Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An outting with Carol.. xD

mood: moody
song: Im in love (glay)

woke up at 9 sumthing.. went to market to have my breakfast.. then.. Got news from Zeon, saying that he had retrieve our contact lenses from the post office.. *huggles*
Carol came over and fetch me at 12.a5pm.. xD We went "lepak" at Prangin.. Went seaching for clothes.. >w<.. after that we went to have our lunch.. We had Tom Yam Fried Rice!! xD

while she is explaining sumting to me.. i candid her pic.. xD

No offence.. she look as if the taste of the food is horrible.. =X

We went back to her house at 5 sumting.. Early huh? xD

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millymin said...

memang her muka damn funny!! hahahha