Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maple.. xD

mood: random
song: endless story (yuna ito)

woke up at 9 something... went watchin TV.. till Garfield fight with Sapphire.. =.=.. Stupid Garfield.. Sapphire was injured.. my mum was so pissed off with Garfield... gonna buy airgun and shoot him d.. xD.
Zeon came over and we when for "brunch" after that.. In the evening, i maple.. xD Zeon dare me to kill the Centipede in Shanghai.. He says, i can even give 1 damage on that Centipede, he'll give me his whole account.. HAHAHAHAX.. And you noe wad?! I killed the Centipede.. and now his account is mine!! XD actually its not the real "boss".. but..
Who cares!! i killed it anyway.. xD

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