Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I wan a Chinchilla!!

mood: not bad
song: seija no ame (kagerou)

woke up at 9.05am .. went getting ready for my final paper today which is Principles of Marketing which starts at 12pm... xD *nervous* reach college at 10.45am.. went to the library to do my last revision..
Went for exam.. and finished my paper at 2.18pm.. xD.. Zeon came over to fetch me.. then i decide to buy Ah Pui's food from Toby.. Therefore, we went to the Batu Gantung road.. then we kinda got lost till we met JJ.. *hero* xD.. he showed us the way to Toby.. xD bought Ah Pui's food ..
We dropped by to another Pet shop at Air Itam after that.. xD..
There is when God give me fate to meet the Chinchilla!!
AHHHH!!! *screams*
they just reminds me of Kiwi's Charmaine from Le Gardenie.. xD
They cost Rm880.. but now with discount which is only Rm800..
the price is resonable.. but but but ... T^T
I GOT NO $$ ... AHHHH!!!

Awww... How sweet... xD

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