Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another outting..

mood: random
song: Funky Night Honey (Dolis Mary)

woke up at 8.35am... the went cleanning my room.. after that went get ready.. Carol came and fetch me at 11am.. then we straight head to QB.. >w<
Went to take our breakfast at Mc Donalds.. xD

After that, we started walking from the north to the south zone of QB and rott.. =.=.. then we finally decided to stop and rest at Coffee Bean.. xD

I had my Pure Chocolate... Yum!! xD

Since when did i change my name from SHERLYN to SHALIL ??!! =.= nvm... ishh...

around 5 we head back to my house to get our haircuts.. and i finally cutted away my tail... gonna miss my tail... T^T *sobs

Carol & Me xD

We went for dinner after that.. Wheee!! Claypot Chicken Rice!! *again XD

came home and Wendy made a keychain for me.. xD

my mum bought Domo-kun's coin purse from Nice Day.. xD

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