Friday, March 7, 2008

Ais Kacang..

mood: cool
song: rocket dive (hide)

woke up at 8.30am... ishh.. cant really sleep.. =.= then went to the Pet Shop with Mum and Wendy.. Mum wanted to get a star tortise.. but sadly they are out of stock... so we have to wait.. =.= haiz...
At noon Zeon came over.. and we went to collect our ICs.. And you noe wad?! i look horrible in the pic... ishhh... i look like pau... T^T
then we stopped by at the Penang Road to have our Chendol and Ais Kacang.. xD
it was so hard for us to decide we should buy from which stall.. xD
in the end..
We bought one from each stall..

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JJzai said...

Another stall near there nicer,
Use the manual machine to blend the ice one.
beside hong leong bank there.