Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poor me. .

mood: bored
song: not listening to any =.=

today Big Mama is going to S'pore..
haiz.. woke up at 9.05am.. Thx to mum's super sound.. ishh..
i have my management and marketing class today.. *sigh*
Mum dropped me at college..
went for management class..
After class.. Zeon came over.. then we went lunch together wit JJ and Ralph in the Pulau Tikus area.. xD
came back for marketing class..
after that, i went rotting in the library..
so sad.. because i cant afford to get my Vivienne Westwood armour ring..
but i can afford a fake one which is actually for Nana cosplay purposes, which cost so MUCH CHEAPER..
it cost less than Rm20.. but its similar to the armour ring that i want..
what to do... im so poor.. cant afford the original one.. so no one can blame me.. XD
my less than Rm 20 armour ring

its looks similar to the "real" Vivienne Westwood right?

hehehehehex... XD


AyuTomoe aka Joanna said...

heya! whao! Nice ring!! I'm so jealous! T T whr did u buy it???~~~ I wan one too! >x<

AyuTomoe aka Joanna said...

can u tell me whr to buy pls??