Friday, February 22, 2008

Fattening day..

mood: not bad
song: Pink spider (Hide)

woke up at 10.15am..
Zeon came over and went to bank to check my loan..
Yay!! i got my loan in the end.. xD
at noon, went to Gurney's Seoul Garden.. and this is when the feast begin..
JJ came joining us at around 1.45pm.. we ate for 3 hours.. *fattening*
competing opening the "ham"
JJ posing with the "ham"
while eating and bbq-ing our food.. we ask the waiter to change our non-stick pan for several times.. i can see that the worker is kinda pissed off with us.. =S

JJ seasoning the chicken with his own recipe..
Zeon ate till too full.. *dead*
After eatting we went to the arcade.. lolx..

the dancing "green man" JJ! xD

Zeon and JJ *drummer* *coughs*
lolx.. we met Ralph the ketiak in the arcade later on.. xD
then we head straight home after that.. xD


JJzai said...

let's go again!!!!

Carol said...

yohh!!! look at the pic of zeon & jj wan eatin wan... zeon macam masuk jail tak makan for so long d... stare at the food til lidat... XD hahahaha... =X make sure he doesn't sees this...