Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

mood: emo
song: regret (gazette)

Happy Valentines everyone!
sadly i have class from 2-5 pm..
and later got to attend my guitar class summore..
So indirectly, im dating with my lectures and my guitar teacher..
wad a day..

my present for my dear Zeon
he bought me a ring

went for management class at 2..
damn boring..

Ralph was so bored till he candid a picture of our lecturer..XDD.. pity the lecturer..

Ralph taking picture of the lecturer..
Ralph's work.. (can u spot the lecturer?)

After management class was marketing..
While waiting for our lecturer, Mr Danny..
JJ squat at our college kaki lima..

JJ begging beside the dustbin

Today was our last lecture with Mr Danny..
hope to bump in to him in Tesco/Gama/Gurney/Queenbay in future

went rotting in the library until 6pm..Zeon came over and fetched me for my guitar class..Guess wad?I have improved myself in strumming..YAY!

Later at night we went for dinner at Northam Cafe.. lolx
Zeon's salad

my mushroom soup
my lasagne
Zeon's apple pie
my chocolate cake
Zeon's pot pie
after dinner we went Gurney... WOW!! it seems more like "Lesbian Day" than Valentines Day..


millymin said...

omg!! so yummy and AT THE SAME TIME burning thin!! hahahahaha

Xyza said...

BABII!!!!!!!!!!!! ish... XDD

Carol said...

hahahahahahahaha.... wow... lotsa fattening food... XD hahahaha... lesbians day... good one XD