Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Arrival of Big Mama!

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song: guren (gazette)

Nyaoo.. >w< .. woke up at 10.30am.. then mum ask us to go get ready because we gonna go QB while waiting for Big Mama's flight to arrive in penang from KL..
Went over QB.. and they are having some F1 convention.. XD.. WOW!! cool.. xD
F1 race car O.o

we went shopping for about 2 hours.. then we left QB at 3pm and straight headed to the airport.. XD.. Big Mama's flight got delayed..

Big mama's flight Landed at 3.11pm

Wendy and I waited for Big Mama at the airport's lobby.. and finally!!
The Arrival Of BIG MAMA!!

Big mama's luggage bag was so huge*same as her* =X .. till my Dad got squash by the bag.. haiz.. Pity Dad.. xD

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millymin said...

omg!!! terima kasih!!