Friday, November 30, 2007

The Burger

mood: totally random
song: some random malay song



Just finished English for Academic Writing and IT exams..
What a relief.. X3

But the exam was kinda lame cuz they repeat the same exam questions that was done last sem..

Zeon fetch me back from college. Then he went to get his hair bleached..


At night, I was craving for cadbury bytes after dinner
So, i went down to the minimart nearby with Wendy to get them..
On the way back..

I've realize that the "keh lor pi" burger stall is so tempting..
Therefore, I decide to buy a burger to share with Wendy.

Soon, we went to the playground and sat on the swing while enjoying the burger..
I took my last bite of the burger and then offered Wendy the rest..

Me: Wendy you can finish up the rest of the burger
Wendy took a bite and pass it to me
Wendy: Nah, give you lar
Me: Nvm, u can finish it up
endy: take lar.. i dowan d..

A gust of wind came and blew off the burger from Wendy's hand.
i the end

we both did not get to ACTUALLY finish up the burger

1 comment:

Carol said...

ahahahaha... waste food la!!! if the uncle burger saw tht u "throw" his burger on the floor, the next day he'll kam tiam liau... saw his customer throw his burger XD hahahaha...