Friday, November 23, 2007

Dad whack kitty

song: back here (bbmak)

woke up at 10.30am.. and mum brought me out to the market for breakfast..
and then on the way back we went to feed "lut phoay"..
DAMN that dog! waste my pedigree.. Sheesh..
then mum and i went to the car park.. and we saw kitty and brought him up to our house..

kitty when "shapening his claws on my DAD'S PRECIOUS SPEAKER!
my dad was so pissed and whack kitty on his butt with a hanger..
poor kitty..
kitty then ran to Ems room to hide.. XD
and he slept under the table for the whole afternoon..
*aint that cute X3


millymin said...

hei put chatter box in your blog la... and links oso =))

Lasker said...

Kesian your cat .. hee hee.
BTW, welcome to ShoutOut!!